Historical research

Why historical UXO research?

Before starting any intrusive activities it is recommended to start with an in-depth study to determine if the risk of encountering Unexploded Ordnance can be confirmed or disqualified. By means of historical research, Deminetec-ECG can determine if any war related actions have taken place on your project site and if they have resulted in contamination with explosive remnants of the First and Second World wars.

Our team of historians will dive into all relevant available sources such as literature, aerial photographs, war diaries, official unit records, flight reports of the warring air-forces, intervention reports by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal services and much more. When it is determined there is credible reason to believe that the site was subjected to any action during the war, it will then establish what UXO might still be present and to what extent pollution can be expected.



The outcome of the research report will be accompanied by a UXO contamination map. When there are no indications of UXO presence on the project site, you can safely proceed without further investigative measures. However, should UXO contamination be suspected, Deminetec-ECG will inform you what types of ammunition you might encounter, at what depths they can be expected and which actions can be taken. We will also provide you with options for any further steps.

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