Regulations and certification

Deminetec-ECG personnel are proud to be part of one of the few Belgian UXO companies with internationally recognized qualifications. Both on land as on (and under) water.



UXO remediation is bound to certain regulations, guidelines and codes of safe conduct. We work according to the Dutch CS-OOO, the French Demining laws, the German SprengG 20 and the International Mine Action Standards. We follow the guidelines by the Flemish government and the new rules set out by the governmental Bureau of Archeology, when working alongside archeologists. Our divers are IMCA certified and work according to internationally set standards. Qualified for compressed air, nitrox and trimix.

Our healthy relationship with the Belgian Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit (DOVO/SEDEE) ensures a good synergy and a smooth transfer of found explosive ordnance. The task of neutralisation is lawfully theirs.



We work in close cooperation with the French Deminetec and Explosive Clearance Group from The Netherlands, holding a range of certifications.

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