Advice and guidance

Deminetec-ECG answers all your questions regarding the possible risks of explosives on your project site. We often receive UXO-related questions regarding regulation, time concerns, cost-effectiveness, safety measures or simply “how do I deal with UXO risk?”. You can always have a look at our FAQ page or contact us directly.


Aside from our general services, Deminetec-ECG is always ready to accommodate specific UXO-related tasks at the request of the client:

    • Facilitating a step-by-step approach for mitigating UXO risk
    • Safety brief at job sites
    • Education and lectures
    • Advising (temporary) safety measures
    • Accompanying groundwork activities in UXO suspicious area
    • Guidance of archaeological excavations where an UXO risk is present
    • Client representations
    • Port inspections
    • Divers and supervisors

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