Risk analysis

Cost-efficient and time-saving

A risk assessment can be advised when historical desk study indicates that a project area is suspected to contain unexploded ordnance. In a risk assessment, the risks of unexploded ordnance are compared against future activities that are planned for a specific site. By doing so, the risks of coming across unexploded ordnance and how to deal with them can be estimated with greater precision, and the process of UXO clearance will be more time- and cost effective.

The assessment of risks UXO can pose to your project are based on multiple variables. The types of explosives and their fuses that can be expected, specific risks of each UXO type, the estimated depth of the explosives, the depth of the planned activities and the prospected function of the project site, are all relevant. Furthermore, an assessment is made of any UXO research and/or intrusive activities that might have already taken place on the project site. These factors can potentially lower or increase the risks of UXO relative to any newly planned activities.



Depending on the assessment outcomes, it is likely that less intensive or no further UXO clearance is advised for safe development of the site. If further UXO clearance activities are advised, Deminetec-ECG will propose the most time- and cost effective approach. What’s most important is that your project can start without delays and continue as safely as possible.

Deminetec-ECG delivers thorough documentation in a written research report, accompanied with a map that indicates which areas require further investigation in order to clear any unexploded ordnance from the site.

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