UXO clearance ViA15

The roads in the Netherlands are becoming busier. The ViA15 project was started by Rijkswaterstaat to reduce the traffic intensity around the city of Arnhem. The project extends the current A15 and connects it to the A12. The route is approximately 12 kilometers long and mainly crosses rural areas. This route has been fully investigated for the presence of explosive remnants of war (UXO) in combination with archaeological research (a total of 16 sites).


To this end, the work was carried out together with BAAC (office for Building History, Archeology, Architectural History and Cultural History) and Arcadis Netherlands. During the investigation, UXO was found all over the area, secured and handed over to the EODD. A multitude of special finds have also been found, including: a crash site of a B26-Marauder aircraft, remains of an English soldier, many foxholes and trenches.

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