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Deminetec-ECG specialises in investigating and locating Unexploded Conventional and Chemical ammunition. Our services guide you through the entire process: from historical research and risk analysis to geophysical survey and the exposure and eventual remediation of potential explosive targets. We ensure safety above all else and we only work in accordance with local regulations. 

Depending on the needs of the client and the future purpose of the project area, we support our customers every step of the way in risk mitigation concerning explosive remnants of war. We work “tailor to the mission” as ready made solutions for these matters don’t exist.



In 2019 our company was founded as Deminetec Belgium. A sister venture of the UXO remediation company Deminetec from France. In November 2020, Explosive Clearance Group, based in the Netherlands, became co-owner of Deminetec Belgium. By combining our resources and expertise we’ve quickly become a voice of reason within the industry. Together we grow!

Both Deminetec and ECG are well known as established leaders and standard setting companies within their countries of origin, when it comes to the remediation of Unexploded Ordnance. The decision to continue together in Belgium is a well made evaluation based on previous exchanges of expertise, cooperation on previous projects, good chemistry and a shared vision. The new name Deminetec-ECG speaks for itself.

Deminetec-ECG is a Belgian company. Independent, yet closely linked to its partners. The company honours its partners as a shining example of international cooperation, quality and safety.

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