Unexploded Ordnance clearance specialist

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Our services

Historical research

Desktop study to assess the probability of UXO contamination in your project site.

Risk analysis

Cost-effective assessment of UXO risks compared against future development plans for specific projects.

Geophysical survey

Mapping and interpretation of anomalies in the Earth’s surface to detect possible explosive remnants of war.

UXO clearance

Excavation and identification of target objects. Provisional safeguarding of UXO until transfer to EOD services.

Aircraft recovery

Salvage of lost aircraft with care for safety, the environment and possible missing crew members.

Advice and guidance

We provide solutions to your UXO challenges.

Recent projects

Historical research Fort 8, Antwerp

Aircraft recovery Echt-Susteren

Passchendale Archaeological research

Building a GIS-database

Coastal UXO clearance

UXO clearance ViA15

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